8 Timely Tips for Getting More Battery Life from Your Laptop

Even if your laptop’s battery life is designed to last 8 hours, the longevity will diminish over time and with use.

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The revolution in business that happened over the last two years has altered work habits, making working from home more common.

If You’re Only Training Employees on Cybersecurity Annually, It’s Not Enough

Consistent and practical cybersecurity training can avoid cyber threats and maximize the income of businesses through increased productivity.

Smishing is Becoming a BIG Problem! Learn How to Avoid It

Your mobile phone can be a source of threat if you don’t learn how to secure it. We now live in a mobile-first era where all online and offline activities are accessible at just a snap of your finger. Currently, 91.54% of the global population…

Why You Should Be Using DMARC on Your Mail Server

Every day, hackers send out approximately 3.4 billion email-based cyber-attacks, like phishing or malware. Given the velocity of email threats, it’s no wonder that many businesses are worried about their email security. Often, email is…

If You Don’t Know Your Recovery Time & Recovery Point Objectives You Could Be in Big Trouble

RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) are two crucial calculations you need to understand when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity. Below, we’ll give a definition of both and explore why they’re…

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5 Ways to Protect Your Cloud Storage from Ransomware

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Steps You Can Take to Improve Your VoIP Security

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VoIP is a modern communications solution that leverages the speed and stability of modern internet connections to replace traditional phone lines.

How to Defend Against These Common Attacks Hitting Mobile Devices

Have you ever worked from your mobile phone? If you have, you’re in the majority of people.