If You Don’t Know Your Recovery Time & Recovery Point Objectives You Could Be in Big Trouble

RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) are two crucial calculations you need to understand when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity. Below, we’ll give a definition of both and explore why they’re…

Steps You Can Take to Improve Your VoIP Security

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VoIP is a modern communications solution that leverages the speed and stability of modern internet connections to replace traditional phone lines.

How to Defend Against These Common Attacks Hitting Mobile Devices

Have you ever worked from your mobile phone? If you have, you’re in the majority of people.

Have You Been Wanting Your Own Business App? Learn How you Can Do That & More with MS Power Platform

If your business is yet to venture into the world of customized apps, there is a way to build them without spending a fortune!

Cybersecurity Insurance May No Longer Be the Safety Net You Hoped For

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Cyber-attacks have become commonplace in this day and age. In 2021, it’s estimated that 30,000 websites were hacked each day, while two-thirds of companies worldwide admit they’ve suffered an attempted cyber attack. In this landscape,…

What Is the New Microsoft Loop App & How Can We Leverage It?

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It’s always an exciting time when Microsoft adds a new application to its suite of tools. For many of us, Microsoft 365 and Teams became the lifeblood of company productivity during the pandemic, enabling us to collaborate and communicate…

6 Signs That Your Device May Have a Malware Infection

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Most people are pretty busy these days. It can seem that every productivity boost just means that employees are expected to do more in less time. This often leads to people being too busy to “deal with” any little computer issues that…

6 Questions You’ll Need to Answer If Applying for Cybersecurity Insurance

The cybersecurity landscape seems to get more dangerous every year. Besides having to deal with a COVID-pandemic over the last 18+ months, there has also been a cyber pandemic. That pandemic has included an increase in cloud account attacks…

Ideas for End of the Year IT Upgrades to Reduce Your 2021 Taxes

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Any time of year is good to do IT upgrades that can help your business remain productive and improve your capabilities. But doing them at the end of the year provides a little extra incentive. Paybacks through tax deductions that you can…

What Are the Best Practices for Implementing a VoIP Phone System?

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VoIP has several advantages over a landline phone, but it needs to be implemented properly to gain the full advantage. Learn several best practices to use when deploying a VoIP phone system for your business.