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Checklist for Safely Handling Technology During an Office Move

Discover why one of the most crucial aspects of an office move is how to safely handle all your important technology.

Are You Making One of These Critical Backup Mistakes?

Backing up data should be easy, right? You just connect to a system and start a backup and then it takes care of the rest until you need it. Unfortunately, data backup and recovery is rarely that simple. Backups have problems, are set up…

Why Businesses Need a Secondary ISP to Prevent Connection Problems

You have the capability to run your business and access your data from anywhere – which is vital in a post-COVID world – but you also are completely reliant on your internet connection. Not having the redundancy of an additional internet connection should your ISP go out can leave your business at risk of losing access to your important business data (including email) and mean costly downtime.

Business Continuity: Return to Normal Operations After a Critical Event?

When you’re in the middle of a crisis that has your business and technology down is not the time you want to start a new relationship with an IT provider. It’s much better to have someone in place that you already work with and that knows your business IT like the back of their hand.