Why Managed Services are More Important Than Ever in Todays Hybrid Work Environments

One way to ensure all devices and the data they hold are well taken care of is to use managed IT services. What managed IT does is create one cohesive strategy for monitoring and managing all devices used to store, transmit, and access business data.

Why Businesses Need a Secondary ISP to Prevent Connection Problems

You have the capability to run your business and access your data from anywhere – which is vital in a post-COVID world – but you also are completely reliant on your internet connection. Not having the redundancy of an additional internet connection should your ISP go out can leave your business at risk of losing access to your important business data (including email) and mean costly downtime.
Woman with Headset at a computer

Why it Might be Time to Upgrade Your Phone System.

What’s the average lifespan of your technology? Three years? Five? We drop it, break it, heck sometimes we replace it just because there’s a newer model with better features. But what about your office phone?

Best Practices for Disabling, Deleting & Locking Down Past Employee Accounts

If you leave a former employee’s accounts active, you’re leaving your network and data at risk. You should immediately delete, disable, or shut down former employee accounts.