Why it Might be Time to Upgrade Your Phone System.

What’s the average lifespan of your technology? Three years? Five? How about your office phone system?

Look, the modern world is tough on phones. It doesn’t matter if it is a cell phone, a desk phone, or even a headset for a softphone on a computer. We are just tough on our communication devices. In other words, we drop phones, break phones, heck sometimes we replace phones just because there’s a newer model with better features.

Most of us replace our personal cell phones often, but what about that office phone system? Now, I know what you’re thinking…….that old dinosaur? And you’re right! If you’re still using an old PBX, than it might be time to bury that fossil and go with a hosted phone systems.

Why make the change to hosted phones?

Lots of Reasons!

  • It’s highly customizable. From call flow and auto attendants to hold music and time-frames, this system can be designed to meet your individual needs.
  • Easily Scalable. Increase or decrease in your onsite staff? No problem! Need your workforce mobilized to work from home? Not an issue! Our VoIP services can grow and move with your business.
  • Disaster Recovery is a great feature of Hosted phones as the hosted phone system is not tied directly to your building, internet carrier, or physical local. It’s hosted which means you can use it and access it almost anywhere!

Copperband Technologies is a VoIP and hosted phone provider in middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. Above all our business is local and we are there when you need us. To find out more about our VoIP and Hosted Phone offerings watch our latest video to find more or contact us today!