What Are the Best Practices for Implementing a VoIP Phone System?

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VoIP has several advantages over a landline phone, but it needs to be implemented properly to gain the full advantage. Learn several best practices to use when deploying a VoIP phone system for your business.

Is Shadow IT Use Getting Out of Hand? Here’s How to Fix It

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Do you know all the apps your employees are using? It’s become harder for companies to keep unauthorized cloud use under control due to the increase in work-from-home (WFH) staff. When working from home, employees are often using their…

Why You Need to Think Twice Before Changing a Mobile Phone Number

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Approximately 97% of U.S. adults own a cell phone. The 2020 Census states that there are approximately 258.3 million adults in the U.S., which equates to a whole lot of mobile numbers for carriers to keep track of. When it comes to company-owned…

6 Pro Tips for Organizing Your PC or Cloud Storage Files

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Looking for files can take up a considerable amount of the workday. It’s estimated that employees spend the equivalent of one whole day per week searching for information they need to do their job. That's 19.8% of their business time!…