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off-brand smart devices

When Not to Buy Off-Brand Smart Devices for Your Office

Unearth the risks behind off-brand smart devices and the potential threats they pose to your office. Discover when and what to buy for optimal security and productivity.

The 8 Everyday Objects Can Result in a Data Security Breach

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In today's digital age, data security is a top priority for everyone from individuals to businesses and governments. With the rise of technology and the increasing reliance on the internet, the threat of a data security breach is becoming…

Data Privacy: Why You Should Think Twice Before Downloading an App like Lensa AI

AI appears to be the leading trend this year, whether it's used to write essays, improve smartphone cameras.

The Most Recent Large Data Breaches You Should Know About

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What happens when our information falls into the wrong hands? This is called a data breach, and it can have devastating consequences.

4 Ways to Use Encryption to Improve Data Security

When you’re building your layers of cybersecurity, you need to consider several different protections, beyond the most obvious.