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off-brand smart devices

When Not to Buy Off-Brand Smart Devices for Your Office

Unearth the risks behind off-brand smart devices and the potential threats they pose to your office. Discover when and what to buy for optimal security and productivity.
alert fatigue

How to Avoid “Alert Fatigue” When Monitoring Your Endpoint Security

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Discover the importance of accuracy in endpoint security and practical tips to steer clear of the dreaded "alert fatigue."

7 Reasons Your Business Shouldn’t Rely on Free Antivirus

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Uncover the risks behind free antivirus solutions and why businesses should opt for comprehensive IT security and services.
cyber attacks

Why is October One of the Worst Months for Cyber Attacks?

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October: a time for pumpkin spice, cozy sweater, and… heightened cyber awareness! Dive into our latest blog post to stay up-to-date and safe online!
fake windows update prompt

Don’t Fall for This Fake Windows Update Prompt (It’s Ransomware!)

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Learn more about this malicious software leverages deceptive tactics, masquerading as fake Windows updates and Microsoft Word installers.

This Recent Ransomware Attack Did Not Enter Through an Endpoint

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Discover how a recent ransomware attack perpetrated through a SaaS platform has got the IT world on alert and rocking as we speak.

Watch Out for a New Scammer Tactic

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In today's digital age, scams, and cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect, thereby drastically affecting individuals and organizations. One of the ways cyber-criminals get their victims is through their mobile…

Is Your Business Suffering From Cloud Misconfiguration?

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Business cloud systems are vulnerable to cloud misconfiguration issues, making it possible for those vulnerabilities to be exploited.

8 Ways to Address the Rise in Mobile Malware Attacks

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Regardless of the reasons for an uptick in mobile malware attacks, we need to be vigilant in protecting our devices from these threats.

What’s Trending in Data Privacy in 2023?

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Data privacy is becoming the top priority in commercial organizations in response to numerous and well-publicized data breaches.