Why Is Microsoft Edge Outpacing Both Firefox & Safari?


Microsoft Edge currently has about 8% of the global browser market share as of April 2021. That might not seem like a lot at first glance, but in the last 12 months, the user base for the browser has grown by 1300%. Also, during that time Edge overtook Firefox as the number 3 browser in the world, and it’s on pace to overtake Safari as well and move into the second position behind Chrome. The browser wars as they currently stand (as of April 2021) include:

  • Chrome: 67.53% of global market share
  • Safari: 9.86% of global market share
  • Edge: 7.96% of global market share
  • Firefox: 7.79% of global market share

Why is this important? Because your internet browser is one of your most-used tools, thus its ease of use (or lack thereof), speed, performance, and security has a lot to do with your productivity. So, if a browser is climbing the ranks rapidly, you want to stand up and take notice. If a company is using an outdated browser, such as Internet Explorer, or a browser that doesn’t have the newest features, they could be missing out on important efficiency boosts and other benefits. Additionally, many cloud solutions are accessed via a browser, including CRM’s, VoIP systems, accounting software, and more. So, a slow or unsecured browser can significantly impact your business. 

Why Microsoft Edge? Why Now? 

Microsoft Edge was first introduced back in 2015 (ages ago in “internet time”), so why has it suddenly become so popular?There are two main reasons:

  1. In January of 2020, Microsoft revamped Edge, making it Chromium-based. This provided a significant speed, feature, and performance upgrade.
  2. It takes a while for people to adopt a new tool, especially ones they get attached to, such as their browser. Now that Edge has been out for a while, it’s gaining some traction. 

Microsoft Edge was brought on as the successor to Internet Explorer, which at one time ruled the browser world. In 2010, it had over 52% of the browser market share, with Firefox at 30% in second place, and Chrome a distant second at about 10%.  Then, two years later, Chrome edged out IE and took the #1 spot. Now it seems like Edge is on its meteoric rise to the top, and it’s getting ready to move right behind Chrome in popularity.

Features That Might Make You Consider a Switch to Edge 

Chromium-Based Speed & Performance

Once Microsoft upgraded Edge to a Chromium-based architecture, which is the same one Google Chrome uses, it became much faster and much more attractive to users. This architecture allows it to use all the same browser addons as Chrome and significantly increases its load time and reliability.

Use Vertical Tabs

If you want to clean up the look of your browser when you have multiple tabs open, then Edge has a vertical tab feature you’re going to love.It takes away the distraction at the top and tucks the tabs nicely on the side of the window. This is great if you do recorded step-by-step videos, or share your browser during webinars. It’s also a distraction-free way of browsing that removes tickers, timers, and other tab motions that can take your attention away from your work. Click the small icon at the top left to switch between vertical and horizontal tabs.

Comprehensive Privacy & Security Features

Edge has a lot of comprehensive privacy and security features that make it a great browser to use if data security is a high priority. Another benefit of using Edge is that it makes the security features very comprehensive and user-friendly, so you know exactly what each setting will do. Some of the helpful features in this area include:

  • Tracking prevention (choose from Basic, Balanced, or Strict)
  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen (block malicious sites)
  • Block potentially unwanted apps (with bad reputations)
  • Use secure DNS for website lookup
  • Password Monitor (alerts you about the breach of a password)

Collections: A Better Way to Save Pages

Let’s face it, bookmarks were a great idea, but they quickly got messy. Most people have a hard time finding their bookmarks or “favorites” because they’ve stored so many pages over time. Users also hardly ever delete bookmarks that aren’t needed anymore because they are so hard to locate. Edge’s Collections feature is a simple way to save web pages that you want to reference later. You create a collection category, such as “Things to check out later” and then you can add pages to that collection. Just click the “+” at the top of the browser to open a panel of your various collections of saved pages. They’re easy to search and easy to delete when finished. It’s a much less time-consuming experience than bookmarks and favorites.

Is Your Company Using the Cloud Efficiently? 

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