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2024 IT budget

6 Business IT Trends That May Impact Your 2024 Budget

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Discover the upcoming IT trends for 2024 that small businesses should prepare for. Learn how these trends could influence your industry and reshape your budgeting strategies.
dual-monitor setup

Is Your Dual-Monitor Setup Fully Optimized?

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Explore the various aspects of a well-optimized dual-monitor setup and find tips to ensure you make the most out of your workspace.

Tech Myths Debunked: Learn What’s True & What’s Not

From rumors about harmful radiation to exaggerated claims about the capabilities of certain devices: tech myths are everywhere.
App Fatigue Could Be Hurting Your Security and Productivity

Is App Fatigue Hurting Security & Productivity at Your Office?

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Businesses strive to streamline and optimize their operations with the use of digital technologies. This digitalization aims to help organizations become simpler and more adaptable. It also helps them be more profitable while also making…

6 Types of Customer-Facing Technology You May Want to Look Into This Year

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Customer-facing technology refers to any technology that is used to interact with and serve customers.

Learn How Too Much Employee Monitoring Can Backfire

If used ineffectively by the employer, too much employee monitoring can backfire on your company.

Easy Steps to a Productive Microsoft Teams Setup

Microsoft Teams is a tool meant to improve collaboration by allowing team members to discuss ideas, schedule meetings, and exchange notes.

Tips to Improve the Security of a BYOD Program

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Bring your own device, or BYOD, programs are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces as a way to improve employee productivity.

Examples Of Unsupported Technology You Should No Longer Use

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When new technology comes in, the old tech has to go. Read on to see various examples of technology you should no longer be using. 

8 Timely Tips for Getting More Battery Life from Your Laptop

Even if your laptop’s battery life is designed to last 8 hours, the longevity will diminish over time and with use.