Is App Fatigue Hurting Security & Productivity at Your Office?

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Businesses strive to streamline and optimize their operations with the use of digital technologies. This digitalization aims to help organizations become simpler and more adaptable. It also helps them be more profitable while also making everyone more productive and efficient. Even though there are applications for almost anything these days thanks to the app economy era, this presents a big challenge for organizations and business engagements.

App fatigue kicks in when you have installed too many applications. Even learning how to manage such apps would be too demanding. When you get to the point where you don’t appreciate the use of such apps, you’ll start experiencing fatigue and burnout. When you’re struggling with app fatigue personally, it’s dreadful enough. But when it occurs at work, it can undermine productivity, weaken employee satisfaction, and negatively affect your profitability. According to a survey by Statista, users download about 27.1 billion applications from Google Play Store as of the 3rd quarter of 2022.

The Productivity Issues of App Fatigue at Your Office

Emails, client contact data, productivity management, conferencing, video collaboration, file sharing, team collaboration, and instant messaging… all these are some of the necessary business processes that any business operates on. Activating several applications will decrease productivity just as managing too many things at once will. Switching back and forth between apps to complete various tasks takes up time and is often distracting. That can lead to various information silos, inefficiencies, potential risks, and excess costs. Every business app has a unique process, customer experience, set of needs, the likelihood of human mistakes, and the danger of information silos.

Security Implications of App Fatigue at Your Office

Contrary to common belief, IT personnel are not there to make work processes more complex. These significant teams are in place to protect you against security lapses that could cost excess expenses, reputation, and time. To ensure that each program won’t create potential risks, the IT group is often in charge of deciding which applications to use at offices and managing those applications. But to increase their efficiency, many employees are drifting away from these applications that the IT team has selected because of app fatigue.

How Can You Mitigate App Fatigue at the Office? 

Businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses will find it easier for them to develop a better routine, improve their productivity, and lessen anxiety and stress at work if they used a unified platform across all office needs. Why not fight for a single platform for your business and try to change that statistic? Employers might assess their app units to ensure that technological overoptimization isn’t leading to workforce burnout. Employees who rely too heavily on apps or technology may doubt its value and engage in careless usage habits, such as disabling security features like biometrics or 2MFA (Two-Factor Authentication). Combining tools will improve operational security while also boosting productivity, cybersecurity, and morale in the workplace. However, when selecting partner apps or platforms, please consider the following tips: 

Encourage effective communication between HR and IT departments 

These teams have the best chance of selecting a platform that’ll be favorable to all employees. They have the most experience in communication and technology respectively.

Keep your security tight

Ensure members of staff don’t need to remember several passwords to access business apps. Accessibility to work applications should be removed quickly once employees get fired or quit their jobs to reduce security threats.

Don’t micromanage

Even though you wouldn’t want your staff using applications that jeopardize cybersecurity, you also wouldn’t want to stop them from trying out new applications that might benefit others. Think about creating a checklist of best strategies for using new applications. A set of guidelines to assist employees in suggesting new applications to the HR and IT team could also be a good idea. At your office, have you started noticing the impacts of app fatigue? If Yes?  Then you must immediately reevaluate how you are using those productivity tools.

Reducing App Fatigue for Improved Productivity and Security with Copperband Technologies

Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone if you worry that your organization is caught up with the app fatigue issue.   Most businesses use more applications than they need, plus the pandemic only made this issue worse. Applications grew more crucial to keep workers interested and connected when work shifted from the onsite work structure to the remote structure. Any employee, regardless of their profession or field of study, can be seriously affected by app fatigue. At Copperband Technologies, our IT team is devoted to meeting each business’s tech needs at any point. Do you need assistance? Feel free to contact us!