Examples Of Unsupported Technology You Should No Longer Use

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Technological innovations are constantly evolving. Decades ago, the horse mode of transportation became insignificant with the development of automobiles. The same thing applies to cassettes which have now been replaced with digital streaming. These are just two of the numerous changes that have occurred among technological innovations. You may not be conscious of these technological changes; it’s straightforward to see the steps that have ushered in a wave of change in many technological innovations. But when new technology comes in, the old tech has to go. If you’re still using discontinued tech tools once they’re no longer supported by the developer, it’s bad news for your cybersecurity and your ability to grow your business. Read on to see various examples of technology you should no longer be using. 

7 Examples of Unsupported Technology You Need to Upgrade

Rotary Telephones

This technology became popular in the 19th century. Almost every home had this type of telephone. As time progressed, many people discarded newer versions of phones. However, some people prefer these phones for personal reasons even when there are no upgrades for the phones, and analog landlines are on borrowed time.

Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT)

These devices were quite popular back in the day. Furthermore, CRT monitors and television were a big deal, but the introduction of plasma and LED screens brought their usefulness to an abrupt end. 


These tools were previously used by various organizations spread across the globe. They were helpful because they provided a faster way to create documents than handwriting everything. But these devices are no longer relevant today as they have been relegated to the position of a collectible. Furthermore, computers have replaced typewriters as they are capable of performing more superior functions. 

Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers are no longer used much today. Printers are used to conduct business activities. However, as soon as Inkjet was introduced to the marketplace, many people switched to it and discarded the dot matrix printer. Superior printers were introduced that were faster and had superior functions. 

Fax Machines

Before the inception of email and cloud storage, many people felt comfortable using their phones to send messages to people. Fax machines enabled people to send messages using audio-frequency tones. The receiver’s machine will then decode the message and print it out on a duplicate of the sender’s message. This technology is no longer in wide use today as it has been replaced by other means of communication such as emails and other alternatives. Unfortunately, a lot of people have refused to part ways with fax machines even when there are limitations to their use and security.


Back in the day, cassettes were the new technology that replaced records. Many people relied on them to listen to good songs or recordings. However, with the introduction of CDs in the mid-2000s, cassettes no longer became relevant. Today, CDs are being largely replaced by digital downloads.

Adobe Flash

The flash media player was famous for producing multimedia content. It served numerous functions until it started showing signs of being outdated, which prompted Adobe to discontinue it. One challenge with the use of Adobe Flash was that it didn’t support a lot of mobile devices. To make matters worse, when iPhone was introduced in 2007, it didn’t support Flash. 

The Disadvantages of Using Unsupported Technology

Decreased productivity

Using unsupported technology will make it difficult for your employees to deliver good results. This is because they constantly struggle with the older technological innovations, which will limit their work.

Constant crashes and system downtime

Another significant disadvantage of making use of unsupported technology is that the technology will not be able to run correctly indefinitely. The absence of system upgrades will make the system very slow. In some cases, it may crash and make it difficult for you to access your files.

Security challenges

When you don’t have the newer versions of software or hardware, you will be vulnerable to all kinds of attacks and may never be able to use the device without facing challenges. Considering the increase in cybercriminal activities, it is a risk you shouldn’t take. When the technology is not updated or using the right upgrades, be prepared for different unpleasant hacking scenarios. 

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Change is the only thing that remains constant. So, it is no surprise that we were once familiar with technological innovations that have become outdated and replaced by newer versions.Using unsupported technology exposes you to harm and decreased productivity in your business organization. Let’s help your Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky business upgrade to modern technological innovation without stress. Contact us online or at 931.263.8000 to schedule a consultation.