What’s the Verdict on Windows 11? Should You Upgrade Now or Later?

The newest update to the Microsoft Windows operating system (OS) has been out for over two months now. That’s enough time to get a feel for how Windows 11 is being received. There’s always a timing decision to be considered when…

6 Signs That Your Device May Have a Malware Infection

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Most people are pretty busy these days. It can seem that every productivity boost just means that employees are expected to do more in less time. This often leads to people being too busy to “deal with” any little computer issues that…

Microsoft Office 365 Pricing Is Going Up Next Year. Here’s What You Need to Know

Since it was first launched over a decade ago, Office 365/Microsoft 365 has grown to be one of the most-used cloud productivity platforms in the world. According to Microsoft, there are now over 300 million commercial paid seats for the…

New Disturbing Phishing Trends You Can Expect to Continue in 2022

Keeping up with the latest developments in phishing attacks so you can keep your staff aware is a critical component of good cybersecurity.