What’s Microsoft Lists & How Can Our Business Leverage this New App?

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One of the advantages of any SaaS subscription over one-time purchase software is that you continually get updates included. This increases the value of a cloud solution by giving companies more features to use for the same subscription…

Use These Steps to Make the Best Technology Purchases

2020 is approaching a close, which means accountants are most likely reminding their business clients about year-end purchases they can still make that can be used as tax deductions. Technology purchases are always a good option for year-end…

5 Ways to Secure Your Devices

Every October, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) reminds everyone about the importance of IT security. This year’s theme is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart” and the main focus is device protection. Anything connected…

You Really Should Get an Email Spam Filter

Many business owners look at email spam like the junk mail we get in our mailbox. They just think it’s a fact of life that they have to deal with. But spam, which includes dangerous phishing emails, can be more than just an annoyance.…

Why Patch Management is Vital for Combating Cyberattacks

How many times do you click “later” when you see an update come across your screen? This is a common occurrence in many offices because it’s human nature not to want to be interrupted and stop what you’re doing to install an update. If…

What is Co-Managed IT & How Can It Boost Smaller IT Departments?

Not all companies are at either end of the technology spectrum – having a full team of IT professionals or having none at all. There are plenty of small and mid-sized Tennessee businesses that have a small team on their staff that take…

6 Important Reasons Your Business Should Care About Cybersecurity

Copperband Technologies has affordable cybersecurity solutions for small and mid-sized businesses in middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky that can keep you safe from a costly attack.

Why Managed Services are More Important Than Ever in Todays Hybrid Work Environments

One way to ensure all devices and the data they hold are well taken care of is to use managed IT services. What managed IT does is create one cohesive strategy for monitoring and managing all devices used to store, transmit, and access business data.

Why Businesses Need a Secondary ISP to Prevent Connection Problems

You have the capability to run your business and access your data from anywhere – which is vital in a post-COVID world – but you also are completely reliant on your internet connection. Not having the redundancy of an additional internet connection should your ISP go out can leave your business at risk of losing access to your important business data (including email) and mean costly downtime.