How to Improve Cloud Security with Phishing-Resistance MFA

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Adopting preventive security precautions, like the phishing-resistance MFA is imperative given cyberattacks' growing magnitude and expense.

Is Your Business Suffering From Cloud Misconfiguration?

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Business cloud systems are vulnerable to cloud misconfiguration issues, making it possible for those vulnerabilities to be exploited.

What’s Trending in Data Privacy in 2023?

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Data privacy is becoming the top priority in commercial organizations in response to numerous and well-publicized data breaches.

How To Approach a Year-End Technology Review

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A year-end technology review is one of the most commonly used forms of performance appraisal for small businesses.

3 Interesting Trends That You’ll See in Cloud Storage This Year

The rise of cloud services has changed the workplace forever. You can access your files anywhere, anytime on any device! 

4 Core Pillars of Cloud Security You Should Be Using to Shape Your Strategy

The cloud can be great for boosting employee productivity and finding new cost efficiencies. However, it also opens up your organization to new security threats. Recent research suggests that 98% of enterprises have contended with a cloud…

Microsoft Teams Essentials vs Free Teams vs M365 Teams (What’s the Difference?)

Until recently, there were only two types of Microsoft Teams: the free version and the version that comes with the corporate office 365 package. In December 2021, things changed. Microsoft made a big announcement: the launch…

4 Helpful Tactics to Lower Your Cloud Expense

Many SMBs move to the cloud to reduce their costs, so it can come as a nasty surprise when they receive their cloud bill, and it is much higher than expected. While, in theory, the cloud can be a cost-saver, you need to use it strategically…

Should You Consider Moving to the New Windows 365 Cloud PCs?

The concept of virtual PCs has been around for a while, but it’s never really taken off. That might change post-pandemic now that the hybrid workforce has become the norm. Before the pandemic, 47% of U.S. workers never worked remotely.…

What is Cloud Jacking & Why Should You Worry About It?

It’s estimated that 82% of the company workload is now cloud-based. Cloud adoption has been on a steady uptick for over a decade and has been accelerated by the pandemic, which required many companies to adjust to fully remote teams.…