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What Are the Best Practices for Implementing a VoIP Phone System?

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VoIP has several advantages over a landline phone, but it needs to be implemented properly to gain the full advantage. Learn several best practices to use when deploying a VoIP phone system for your business.

Should You Consider Moving to the New Windows 365 Cloud PCs?

The concept of virtual PCs has been around for a while, but it’s never really taken off. That might change post-pandemic now that the hybrid workforce has become the norm. Before the pandemic, 47% of U.S. workers never worked remotely.…

What is Cloud Jacking & Why Should You Worry About It?

It’s estimated that 82% of the company workload is now cloud-based. Cloud adoption has been on a steady uptick for over a decade and has been accelerated by the pandemic, which required many companies to adjust to fully remote teams.…

Why the New Google Photo Policy Might Make You Rethink Your Cloud Storage Situation

A recent change in the high-quality photo unlimited storage policy of Google Photos has users scrambling to figure out what to do about photo and video storage. On June 1, 2021, the service ended its unlimited storage policy. Any high-quality…

What Happened With Microsoft Exchange Server Hack? Is It Time to Consider Cloud Business Email?

Large-scale data breaches seem to be in the news fairly often these days. Many times, they involve the breach of a single large company’s database, such as Facebook or Experian. But the first big breach of 2021, is different. A hack of…

Simple Microsoft Workflow Speed Tips You Might Not Be Using

Inefficient tools and processes can tank productivity and employee morale. Microsoft 365 workflow speed tips can supercharge your day.

Are You Making One of These Critical Backup Mistakes?

Backing up data should be easy, right? You just connect to a system and start a backup and then it takes care of the rest until you need it. Unfortunately, data backup and recovery is rarely that simple. Backups have problems, are set up…

5 Easy Ways to Track Productivity for Remote Employees

The biggest transformation the workforce has seen in a while has happened over the last year due to the pandemic. There are now record numbers of employees working remotely from home and companies have spent months putting the cloud services…

What Can We Learn from Microsoft Productivity Score?

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Business has left the building, and most companies around the country have moved work processes to cloud environments to allow teams to work from anywhere. Use of the cloud has become a necessity in the time of the pandemic and telecommuting…

Did You Know? Microsoft 365 is Ending Support for Internet Explorer

One of the important things to stay on top of is when certain technologies are losing support. If you suddenly get hit with a problem like Microsoft Teams meetings no longer working, it can completely disrupt your business until the issue…