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What Is the New Microsoft Loop App & How Can We Leverage It?

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It’s always an exciting time when Microsoft adds a new application to its suite of tools. For many of us, Microsoft 365 and Teams became the lifeblood of company productivity during the pandemic, enabling us to collaborate and communicate…

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It’s no surprise that the cost of cloud subscriptions continues to rise. Companies are now largely operating in the cloud because it’s necessary for business continuity and to adjust to a remote and hybrid workforce. But about 54%…

5 New Features for Teams Video Meetings That Will Make You Want to Switch

Video has become the default meeting mode since the beginning of the pandemic. We’ve become acutely used to “zooming” and the unfortunate issues that arise with unsecured meetings and frozen sound or video. Before the pandemic, the…

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Large-scale data breaches seem to be in the news fairly often these days. Many times, they involve the breach of a single large company’s database, such as Facebook or Experian. But the first big breach of 2021, is different. A hack of…